Who was Jill wines first husband?

Personal life. Wine-Banks’s marriage to Ian Volner ended in divorce. She then married antiques dealer Michael Banks.

Where does Jill Wine banks get her pins?

Photo: jillwinebanks.com. In addition to Etsy and pins sent to her by fans, Wine-Banks accumulates pins at the sorts of places you’d expect to find a serious collector. “I go to the Grayslake Flea Market north of Chicago. I go to the Broadway Antique Market closer by.

Is Jill Connors still married?

Jill has since filed for divorce, according to TMZ. Jill joined Married to Medicine as a full-time cast member this season.

Who Is Jill Scott’s new husband?

As usual, Jilly from Philly is keeping it real about love, marriage (to new husband Mike Dobson) and everything in between.