Is Jim J Bullock related to Sandra Bullock?

Is Jim J Bullock related to Sandra Bullock?

He is not in any way related to the Oscar winning actress Sandra Bullock. He wore a wig for his role as Prince Valium in Spaceballs (1987).

What is Jim J Bullock famous for?

Career. Bullock became a noble entertainment figure in the 1980s when he co-starred in the sitcom Too Close For Comfort (credited as Jm J. Bullock) and was a regular “square” on John Davidson’s updated version of Hollywood Squares (1986-1989), also substituting for Davidson as host on occasion.

Where is Jim J Bullock now?

All of which brings us up to today, with Jim living relatively quietly in Palm Springs.

Are Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy friends?

Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock had never met before they were cast as costars in the upcoming buddy cop comedy The Heat, but they quickly became very good pals both on and off the set.