Does Jimmy Butler have a coffee shop?

Butler knew the coffee available in Orlando wasn’t up to snuff to what he and other NBA players were habituated with drinking, so he brought his own espresso machine as a way to make some cash. Unbeknownst to him, this was the beginning of an entire coffee brand, Big Face.

What is the name of Jimmy Butler coffee shop?

Naming it Big Face Coffee, he eventually turned it into a bi-coastal company the following year. Jimmy kicked off a tour for the frozen treat in Van Leeuwen’s scoop shop in Tribeca, New York, which was then followed up by the opening of the Miami pop-up.

Is Big Face coffee Real?

Big Face has plans for cafes in Miami and San Diego, where Butler lives in the off-season, but Butler’s thinking big plans globally. “This coffee thing is real, and it’s going to be in grocery stores,” he said.

How much does Jimmy Butler coffee cost?

“Jimmy Butler used to charge $20 for a cup of coffee, made around $6000 in the Bubble!”: When the Heat star made extra money during the team’s NBA Finals run. Jimmy Butler has had a successful career as an NBA superstar. However, he found even more success in the 2020 NBA Bubble!