How much does Jitendra Kumar earn?

In the ‘Panchayat’ web series, Jitendra Kumar’s earnings as Sachiv Ji was shown to be 20 thousand rupees, in comparison to this his real-life fees are really big. According to media claims, Jitendra Kumar charges Rs 50,000 for an episode. Overall he gets four lakh rupees for eight episodes.

Is Jitendra Kumar rich?

Because of his income-generating career, he live like a king! His net worth includes his Mumbai home, which represents his simple and kind demeanour. The home, which is largely done in white shades, has some distinctive nooks that showcase Kumar’s passion for movies, including movie posters of all-time greats.

How much Jitendra Kumar paid for Panchayat?

As per Zee News, Jitendra Kumar’s current net worth is estimated to be around Rs 7 crore. He has charged Rs 50,000 for each of the eight episodes of Panchayat season 2, which makes him one of the highest-paid OTT actors in the country.