Who played Zuris friend in Jessie?

JJ Totah as Stuart Wooten On Jessie Video JJ Totah as Stuart Wooten on Jessie – Disney Channel When he first saw Zuri Ross, he appeared to have fallen instantly in love with her that he even gave her a promise ring, much to Jessie Prescott’s unknowing.

Who is Stuart from Jessie now?

Josie Jaye Totah (born August 5, 2001) is an American teen actor. She is known for her recurring role on the Disney Channel series Jessie as Stuart Wooten and her starring role on the 2013 ABC comedy series Back in the Game.

Who played Stuart’s Manny in Jessie?

Hudson is a recurring character in Jessie. He is Stuart’s manny (male nanny). He’s portrayed by Matt Shively.

Who was the girl obsessed with Luke in Jessie?

Constance “Connie” Thompson, better known as Creepy Connie, is a recurring antagonist on Jessie. She’s a yandere who has an obsessive crush on Luke Ross. She’s portrayed by Sierra McCormick.