What illness does Jennifer Lopez have?

What illness does Jennifer Lopez have?

The Jenny From the Block hitmaker opened up in her newsletter, On the JLo, and revealed she suffered serious panic attacks in her late 20s. She wrote: “There was a time in my life where I used to sleep 3 to 5 hours a night.

Did JLo deliver her twins?

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s long-awaited twins were welcomed via C-section. About the experience, J Lo said: “I had a C-section, but my sister gave birth six months later — we got pregnant around the same time — and she asked me to be in the delivery room with her, and I was, like, ‘Wow!’

Did JLo do fertility treatments?

The performer and star of soon to be released film The Back-Up plan who had her twins Emme and Max, 23 months, aged 39, says she never considered IVF. The singer, 40, said ‘I just felt like you don’t mess with things like that. ‘ Jennifer Lopez has vowed to be in showbiz even when she is a 71-year-old pensioner.