When did Jordin Sparks Date Sage the Gemini?

When did Jordin Sparks Date Sage the Gemini?

Eventually, though, his relationship with Sparks, which supposedly started as a PR stunt, formed into something deeper. Sage, 23, and Sparks, 26, first started dating in April 2015, about six months after the “Battlefield” singer split from her longtime boyfriend, Jason Derulo.

Who was Sage the Gemini ex?

Sage The Gemini Makes Instagram Plea to Ex Jordin Sparks, Delivers ‘I’ll Keep Loving You’ Days after reports of their split, rapper Sage the Gemini pined for his ex, singer Jordin Sparks, on Instagram.

What is Sage Gemini birthday?

Sage the Gemini

What rapper did Jordin Sparks date?

Hollywood exes Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks were once one of the music industry’s buzziest couples. Sparks, the youngest-ever winner of American Idol, and Derulo, an up and coming rapper and songwriter, were together for years and many fans believed that they would end up tying the knot.

Are Sage the Gemini and Jordin Sparks still together?

We’re sure many people can relate to Sage the Gemini’s post-breakup heartache. His relationship with singer Jordin Sparks ended after 10 months of dating, and the rapper took to Instagram to express his pain.

Why is he called Sage the Gemini?

Woods took the name Sage the Gemini due to the color of his eyes and his zodiac sign. In 2008, Sage released his first single, “You Should Know” on MySpace. It became a viral hit, generating over three million views worldwide. He then joined Black Money Music Group.