Who is Zobrist pastor?

Who is Zobrist pastor?

Former Rays and Chicago Cubs utilityman Ben Zobrist dropped his lawsuit against pastor Byron Yawn that sought $6 million in damages stemming from Yawn’s extramarital affair with Zobrist’s estranged wife, Julianna, and an allegation that Yawn defrauded his charity.

Are Ben Zobrist and Julianna still married?

Julianna Zobrist admitted the nature of the relationship, and that she lied to her husband about it, in responses to written requests for admission in a divorce proceeding. An internet court-records search revealed Ben Zobrist filed for divorce in May 2019 in Williamson County, Tenn., where he and his wife reside.

What is Zobrist doing now?

Zobrist last played for the Cubs in 2019 and has yet to officially announce his retirement from baseball, but he came back to visit the team multiple times this season. He stepped away from the Cubs while attempting to repair his marriage with Julianna Zobrist, whom he has since divorced.

How long was Ben Zobrist married?

Ben and Julianna Zobrist were married for 15 years before filing for divorce following an alleged affair. In court documents obtained by the Chicago Tribune, Julianna claimed that Ben is “guilty of failing to preserve marital assets” after taking a leave of absence to work on their issues. Helen S.

Did the Zobrists divorce?

By then, it will be almost three years since the former major-league baseball player from Eureka filed for divorce.

Is Julianna and Mike still together?

Michael Jessen & Juliana Custodio The pair split in October 2021. The following month, Juliana and her new boyfriend, Ben Obscura, announced that she was pregnant. Juliana officially filed for divorce in Connecticut on Valentine’s Day, In Touch first reported in February 2022.