What is Yūki Kaji famous for?

What is Yūki Kaji famous for?

He was part of the four-unit singing group G. Addict, which was part of the Goulart Knights project, and has acted as one of the main protagonists in the film Kami Voice: The Voice Makes a Miracle. He won the Best Rookie Actor Award in the 3rd Seiyu Awards.

What characters does Yūki Kaji voice?

He’s known for voicing: Eren Jaeger in Attack on Titan, Finnian in Black Butler, Issei Hyōdō in High School DxD, Konekomaru Miwa in Blue Exorcist, Lyon Vastia in Fairy Tail, Meliodas in The Seven Deadly Sins and Shōto Todoroki in My Hero Academia.

Is Yūki Kaji still married?

“We look forward to your continued support for our activities as two voice actors,” Kaji wrote in Japanese, thanking their fans as he ended his letter. The couple have been married since 2019 and registered their marriage on June 23c Taketatsu’s 30th birthday.

Is Yūki Kaji voicing izana?

According to Anime News Network, Yuki Kaji will be joining Tokyo Revengers in the role of Izana Kurokawa.

Is Ryan Kaji a billionaire?

His channel has over 30 million subscribers on YouTube channel. The Kaji family together is worth millions. According to Forbes, Kaji earned $11 million between 2016 and 2017 and was the eighth highest-paid YouTuber. As of November 2022, Ryan Kaji’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $100 Million.

Who is Kaji Yuki’s wife?

Yuki Kaji