What commercial is Kaley Cuoco in?

Priceline, a Booking Holdings brand, said the campaign highlights “how with Priceline, the joy of saving and the joy of travel go hand in hand.” The campaign stars actress Kaley Cuoco, a Priceline spokeswoman for the past nine years.

Who is in the new Smirnoff commercial 2022?

Anthony Anderson acts the Cocktail Coordinator on NFL game days. Anderson expresses confidence in knowing which Smirnoff No. 21 Vodka based cocktails to mix for the Seat Saver, Play Caller and Cocktail Time Out-er.

Is Kaley Cuoco doing Smirnoff commercial?

As Chief Summer Officer, award-winning actor and producer Cuoco also stars in the new Smirnoff advertising campaign airing nationwide and on the Smirnoff YouTube channel beginning this month.

Who is in the Priceline commercial with Kaley Cuoco?

The Priceline ad features actress Kaley Cuoco as the daughter of the Priceline Negotiator, who is played by William Shatner. The 30-second spot takes place in Siberia and focuses around the Price Negotiator’s daughter finding her father in a jail cell where he is being guarded by a Russian guard named Taktarov.