Who are Bill Hutchinson’s ex wives?

Bill Hutchinson seems to be the king of juggling multiple immediate families. After supposedly cheating on his first wife, Kathleen, he settled down once again with his second wife, Kandis. They had two children together, who are younger than Bri, but not by much.

How much is Bill from Marrying Millions worth?

Bill and Brianna first met at a Dallas-based Tex-Mex restaurant where she was hostessing at the time. Although their assets are vastly different — some believe that Bill’s net worth about is around $100 million — the age gap between the two is also significant. Bill is 62, while Brianna is around 22.

Are Bill and BRI still together?

4/6 Bill Hutchinson & Brianna Ramirez Hit A Dead End Bill is a successful businessman who’s been married twice in the past and has five children between both marriages. This duo met in Dallas while Ramirez was working as a waitress.

Who is Bill Hutchinson?

Hutchinson founded the real estate firm Dunhill Partners and partnered with Richard Branson to develop the Virgin Hotels Dallas. He appeared with his much younger fiancée on both seasons of the Lifetime reality TV series Marrying Millions.