What ethnicity is kandyse McClure?

Candice McClure was born in the Greenwood Park area of North Durban, South Africa. Her mother is an educator and her father is a musician. She is of Cape Coloured descent.

Who played Sabrina on Republic of Doyle?

Sabrina McCarthy (Kandyse McClure) is the main protagonist villainess from “One Angry Jake,” episode 3.10 of Republic of Doyle (airdate March 14, 2012). She is the wife of Tom McCarthy, who was shot to death prior to the episode’s events.

Who plays arianna silver in love guaranteed?

Love, Guaranteed (2020) – Kandyse McClure as Arianna – IMDb.

Who played meg in sanctuary?

Sanctuary (TV Series 2008–2011) – Kandyse McClure as Meg – IMDb.