What happened to the Kane show on the radio?

What happened to the Kane show on the radio?

Instead, it was replaced by a new radio series, Your Morning Show. As if that wasn’t enough to get listeners speculating as to what happened, all of Kane’s former co-hosts on The Kane Show would be leading Your Morning Show.

What did Kane do Dani?

Dani’s first major storyline occurred in 2001, when she was raped by Kane Phillips (Sam Atwell). Sursok called the assault the worst thing that had ever happened to her character.

When did the Kane show end?

HOT 99.5’s “The Kane Show” had managed to garner a large audience base over the years with its run from 2006 to 2020 on the radio.

What is the Kane show called now?

Hot 99.5’s the Kane Show has been removed from iHeartRadio’s on-air programming after 14 years. The show, hosted by Peter Deibler (also known as Kane), has been replaced by Your Morning Show, which airs from 5-10 a.m. on weekdays with hosts Intern John, Riley Couture, and Radio Rose—Deibler’s former cohosts.