What happened to the Carla Marie and Anthony show?

What happened to the Carla Marie and Anthony show?

After more than a decade with iHeartMedia, Carla Marie and Anthony were let go in July 2020. Three days later, they started their own new show, this time on the streaming service Twitch. Their new show has thrived, with loyal followers they’ve gained over the years from New York to Seattle.

Why was Carla Marie Anthony fired?

Why were Carla Marie and Anthony fired from Kiss FM? Anthony alluded to poor ratings in a statement on social media, calling The Carla Marie & Anthony Show an experiment that failed. “I promise if I could have worked any harder to make this work, I would have.

Who are Carla Marie and Anthony?

ABOUT. Carla Marie and Anthony are best friends who met while working behind the scenes at the nationally-syndicated Elvis Duran and the Morning Show in 2010! They bonded over their love of emo music and bar-hopping.

Who is Carla Marie?

Carla Marie is cohost of The Morning Show Podcast and Twitch-exclusive The Carla Marie and Anthony Show, both of which tackle the top national and business stories du jour.

Did KISS 106.1 change their name?

The station’s nickname changed from Kiss FM for the old pop hit format to Radio Now 97.9 for the new adult hit format. Radio Now will play a mix of music ranging from Lady Gaga to Panic at the Disco, said Aaron Wilborn, market manager for Clear Channel Radio’s six stations in Jacksonville.

Why is English Evan leaving the Jubal show?

In making the on-air announcement, Omelia stated that he is leaving the show to “find happiness” stating he fell into radio and wants to seek a position allowing him to travel and work remotely.