Where is P Chidambaram from?

Where is P Chidambaram from?

P. Chidambaram

Is Karti Chidambaram an MP?

Karti Chidambaram (born 16 November 1971) is an Indian politician and businessman. A member of the Indian National Congress, he serves as the Member of Parliament for Sivaganga in the Lok Sabha. He was elected in the 2019 Indian general election, winning the seat twice held by his father, P.

What is famous to buy in Chidambaram?

You could buy brass and bronze lamps, bells and idols and artificial dance jewellery sets and gold-coated ornaments. Chidambaram Nataraja idol is a must buy souvenir from the temple town. You could find a good bargain in handlooms and textiles, silk and cotton saris.

Why is Chidambaram famous?

Chidambaram is also amongst one of the most celebrated shrines of Lord Shiva in the country. The place also bears a significant importance from both cultural point of view and historical perspective as well.

What is the meaning of Chidambaram?

The name of the town of this shrine, Chidambaram comes from the Tamil word Chitrambalam (also spelled Chithambalam) meaning “wisdom atmosphere”. The roots are citta or chitthu means consciousness or wisdom while and ambalam means “atmosphere”.

What food is special in Chidambaram?

Authentic south Indian dishes like Idlis, Dosas, Vadas, Uthappam and Sambar are the local favourites. There are restaurants that serve traditional vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes on banana leaves.