Is Kthara a Lilith?

Is Kthara a Lilith?

Due to her aliases of Kthara and Mother, and her real name of Lily, Kthara is most likely a composite of Kthara and Lilith, both of whom are known as the Mother of Demons. Due to her current self being the biological daughter of Daimon Helstrom, she may also be a counterpart of Demona Hellstrom.

Who is Lily father in Helstrom?

Marrying Victoria Helstorm The demon Marduk Helstrom had a daughter named Lily, although the two became separated. He became a serial killer throughout the years, killing many young people.

What happened at the end of Helstrom?

In the last episode of Helstrom, the minions of Kthara stab Hastings in the back, leading to her hospitalisation, whereas Gabriella manages to escape. She then comes in contact with the Blood. Meanwhile, Basar takes on Daimon yet again and succeeds at escaping.

Who is Basar in Helstrom?

Basar. Basar, son of Kthara, is also a demon who possesses two characters during season 1, Nurse Spivey as well as Daimon. Basar, also out for revenge on the Helstrom family, leaves death and destruction everywhere he goes. Forcing his hosts to kill anyone and everyone in his path.

Who was Lilith’s mate?

There are multiple origin stories for Lilith but the most popular history told views Lilith as the first wife of Adam.

Is Asmodeus Lilith’s husband?

Asmodeus is referred to as Sakhr (Arabic: صخر the Rock or the Stony One), because Solomon banished him into a rock, after he takes his kingdom back from him. He is considered to be a king of the jinn or demons (divs). Another passage describes him as marrying Lilith, who became his queen.