Which soap opera had a vampire?

Which soap opera had a vampire?

Vampires Came To Port Charles (General Hospital) Long before Edward and Bella were Livvie and Caleb on the General Hospital’s primetime spin-off Port Charles. Caleb Morley, played by soap opera veteran Michael Easton, was a vampire who was obsessed with a doppelganger of his late wife, Livvie Locke.

Who played the vampire on Port Charles?

Caleb Morley is a fictional vampire portrayed by actor Michael Easton on the ABC soap opera Port Charles which aired from 1997 to 2003.

Who played the vampire on General Hospital?

Anders Hove (born 16 January 1956) is a Greenlandic actor and director. Hove is best known for his role of the vampire Radu Vladislas in the four Subspecies-movies, Cesar Faison in ABC’s General Hospital, Loving, & Port Charles and in the film In the Middle of the Night as Nalle.

Is Kelly Monaco leaving GH?

Good news Sam fans! Soaps In Depth has reported that Kelly Monaco contacted them to say she re-signed her contract for another year. Updated August 11: Daytime Emmy Awards Executive Producer, Jim Romanovich, joined the conversation by tweeting: “Kelly Monaco is not going anywhere.

Who is the most famous vampire of all time?

Over a hundred years after his creator was laid to rest, Dracula lives on as the most famous vampire in history.

Who is the oldest vampire still alive?

After Akasha is finally destroyed, Khayman becomes the oldest vampire in existence.