Is Kyle Larson married with kids?

Is Kyle Larson married with kids?

For Kyle Larson, that means seeing his life at home with his wife and two kids. Katelyn Sweet and Kyle Larson married in September 2018 after announcing their engagement the previous December.

Is Kyle Larson still married?

Fast facts about Kyle Sweet Yes. They have been married for about three years and have two children. How old is Katelyn Sweet? She is 31 years old as of 2022.

How old is Kyle Larson’s son Owen?

According to Larson, racing year-round and finding time to spend with his wife Katelyn, their son Owen, 7, and daughter Audrey, 4, isn’t exactly easy.

Who owns Kyle Larson late model?

He’ll be making his first career dirt racing start outside of NASCAR driving the No. 24 Super Late Model fielded by Warrior Race Cars and team owner Mike Nuchols.

How much does Hendrick pay Kyle Larson?

Kyle Larson is one of the most highly-paid drivers on the field in 2022 after he proved his caliber behind the wheel of a car last year. It is estimated that Rick Hendrick pays the father-of-two $8-$10 million a year to drive the #5 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1.

What happened between Kyle Larson and Chase Elliott?

Larson, who was side-by-side for the lead with Joey Logano to his left, went about two lanes up the track to block Elliott and basically break his Chevy. Chase was chapped, to say the least, and didn’t hold back on the team radio.