Why is Lara not on Billions?

Why is Lara not on Billions?

Part of Lara’s absence may also be explained by Akerman’s schedule. Akerman was just cast in the NBC pilot Prism. Her Billions family is supportive — co-star Kelly AuCoin (aka Dollar Bill) commented a heart on her announcement.

Why did Lara leave Bobby?

He did something just as bad for Lara: He lied. As a result of Bobby’s manipulation, Lara kicked him out of their Connecticut estate.

Is Lara in season 3 of Billions?

From a lower-class, blue-collar background, Lara is Bobby Axelrod’s former nurse who ends up becoming his wife. During season 3, Malin’s character Lara Axelrod finalizes her divorce from Damian Lewis’ Bobby “Axe” Axelrod.

Why did ax and Lara break up?

On the other hand, Axe and his wife, Lara (Malin Akerman), have split over Axe’s dishonesty about continuing to work with Wendy. It didn’t help that he also put his family’s fortune and stability at risk by getting himself arrested.

What did Axe lie to Lara about?

Let’s start with Lara. After finding out that Axe lied about his business arrangement with Wendy, she leaves a note on his pillow (“You lied to me”), grabs four $10,000 “bricks” out of the vault, and peels away with their sons to destinations unknown.

Why was Axe written out of Billions?

Outside of Billions, Axe’s departure was a matter of circumstance. Given his contract is up after five years—and the death of his wife, actress Helen McCrory—Lewis told The New York Times that wanted to remain in his native England and be closer to his family.