Are Lara bars a healthy snack?

Are Lara bars a healthy snack?

Larabars can be a healthy choice as an occasional energy bar or snack when they are part of a balanced, healthy diet. While they should not be used as a meal replacement, they can be a good nutritional choice as long as consuming the natural sugars and calories in the bars is safe for you.

Does Trader Joe’s sell LÄRABAR?

Almost all Trader Joe’s stores stock Clif bars, RX Bars, Larabars, and Kind Bars.

Who is LÄRABAR owned by?

LÄRABAR was acquired by the Natural and Organic Division of General Mills called Small Planet Foods in June 2008. Cascadian Farm, Muir Glen, and Food Should Taste Good complete the Small Planet Foods division. View a letter from Lara regarding the acquisition.

Where is LÄRABAR based?

Lärabar was created by Denver native Lara Merriken, who was looking to make a “very healthy product that tasted delicious”. According to the General Mills website, Merriken’s inspiration for the snack occurred during a hiking trip in 2000 through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

What is the healthiest snack bar to buy?

of 12. RXBAR. Chocolate Sea Salt Protein Bar. of 12. GoMacro. MacroBar Organic Vegan Protein Bars. of 12. This Bar Saves Lives. Chewy Granola Bars, Wild Blueberry Pistachio. of 12. KIND. of 12. Clif Bar. of 12. Bob’s Red Mill. of 12. Perfect Bar. of 12. That’s it.

Are Lara bars anti inflammatory?

They are loaded with processed empty calorie ingredients. Sure the ingredients might be “All Natural” and “Organic”, but that doesn’t make them nutrient-rich, healthy and anti-inflammatory.