Is Lauren Lakes Paternity Court real?

Is Lauren Lakes Paternity Court real?

Location. Original plans for Paternity Court were to film the series from a real-life courtroom, though this later changed to a traditional studio setting.

Is Paternity Court real or staged?

The cases are real cases that have been filed in small claims courts around the country.

What happened to Lauren Lake Paternity Court?

Lauren Lake is coming back to courtroom TV and instead of Paternity Court, she’s taking over We The People from Gloria Allred. Byron Allen’s Allen Media Group (AMG) has set a launch for the upcoming courtroom show We The People With Judge Lauren Lake for the fall 2022 season.

What does Lauren Lake do now?

Multi-faceted attorney, author, television personality, Lauren Lake is a Renaissance woman who believes in a limitless approach to life. Currently, Lake serves as Executive producer and judge of the Emmy award winning nationally syndicated daytime legal show, ​Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court.

Do you get paid for being on Paternity Court?

Anyone appearing on a television court show is paid an appearance fee. These fees are generally small, ranging from $100 to $300.

Has couples court been Cancelled?

It was not renewed for Season 8 as MGM, over the past year, pulled away from the court show arena, with all three of its series — Paternity Court, Couples Court With the Cutlers and Personal Injury Court — coming to an end.