Who is Leslie in in the dark?

Who is Leslie in in the dark?

In the Dark (TV Series 2019–2022) – Marianne Rendón as Leslie Bell – IMDb.

Who plays Felix’s sister on in the dark?

Marianne Rendón as Leslie Bell (season 4; recurring season 3), a lawyer and Felix’s sister.

Do Max and Leslie stay together in the dark?

She and her long-time on-again, off-again boyfriend get engaged after the rockiest of romances. After his untimely death, she remains committed to Max. However, in the end, she ends up with her ride-or-die best friend Felix and the best dog you could ever imagine, Pretzel.

Who is the Chiefs wife on in the dark?

Charlotte Doppler (portrayed by Karoline Eichhorn) is the mother of Franziska and Elisabeth Doppler and the wife of Peter Doppler. She is also the chief of the Winden Police.

Why is In the Dark Cancelled?

‘In the Dark’ was canceled due to the Warner Bros. Discovery merger that caused many cancellations. Not many shows survived the great merger of 2022 — of all the recent major world events, this merger affected more television than any other (probably). In 2022 alone, The CW canceled 10 shows, including In the Dark.

Does Leslie get killed In the Dark?

Leslie suffers a vicious assault. In the last frame, you can see him get his skull bashed by a big stick, even though he’s already on the ground. They strike him 3 times! Leslie beats the odds and survives the episode!