Where is Lexi now below deck?

Where is Lexi now below deck?

Lexi Wilson left the yachting industry after Below Deck Mediterranean season 6. She now spends her time traveling and is rumored to be engaged. Once Lexi Wilson left the Lady Michelle during Below Deck Mediterranean season 6, she left the yachting industry for good.

What was the R word Lexi used on below deck?

What is the ‘r word’ on Below Deck Med? The ‘r word’ is a pejorative term for mentally disabled people, and is used as a euphemism for the word ‘retard’. It is also thought to describe someone who is stupid, slow to understand, or ineffective in some way.

What does Captain Sandy say about Lexi?

“[While] I feel for her, I would never tolerate that. I don’t see it until you see it. I don’t go to dinner and unless the crew really lays it out for me, the words ‘it’s bad’, is that [really] a description?”

Is Lexi from below deck Med rich?

What is Lexi’s net worth? Lexi Wilson’s net worth is estimated at $50,000. She repeatedly claimed she had lots of money during her time on Below Deck Med, so some viewers may have thought she was rich. So much so, that the star was nicknamed ‘Lexi “$8,000 condo” Wilson…

Why was Lexi fired?

After an explosive fight with Mathew Shea, where Lexi told the chef that his parents “should’ve aborted you,” Captain Sandy stepped in and fired her. In September 2021, Sandy exclusively told Us Weekly that she “wanted to let” Lexi go after watching the drama unfold on screen.

Are Malia and Captain Sandy friends?

Even though they didn’t work together in Season 7 of Below Deck Med, Captain Sandy said during the July 11 episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that she is “still in contact with Malia.” The Below Deck Med boss also added that she would work with Malia again. “She’s awesome,” Captain Sandy said.