Are Lexi Martone and Joe still together?

Are Lexi Martone and Joe still together?

‘Unpolished’ Star Lexi Martone and Joe Fraumeni Have Officially Split.

Is Lexi Martone in a relationship?

According to a report in Information Cradle, Lexi Martone’s boyfriend is Joe Fraumeni. Reportedly, he is from Long Island. The media portal suggests that the two have been dating for quite some time but managed to keep their relationship under wraps.

What happened to Lexis boyfriend on unpolished?

Their mom, Jennifer, is also featured on the show. In PEOPLE’s exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday’s season 2 premiere of Unpolished, Jennifer, Bria and Lexi all discuss Big Mike’s death, which came after he was diagnosed with cancer in February. “So this has been a really tough year for our family,” Jennifer says.

Is Bria Martone still married?

Bria and Matt officially tied the knot in September of 2020. If there’s any indication that the couple is still going strong, it’s that Bria has recently swapped her name out on her Instagram page to now identify herself as Mrs. Mancuso. There are also a bunch of photos from their wedding all over the feed.

How old is Foxy Martone?

Exactly how old is Foxy from ‘Unpolished’? The charismatic grandmother of the Martone family is actually 77 years old, but she doesn’t allow her advanced age to affect her.

What does Matt Mancuso do for a living?

Matt Mancuso is a Managing Director and Partner in L.E.K. Consulting’s Boston office and a member of the Life Sciences practice.