Who plays Lieutenant Ortega in Altered Carbon?

Who plays Lieutenant Ortega in Altered Carbon?

Martha Higareda is a Mexican actress, writer, and producer. She plays the role of Kristin Ortega in Altered Carbon.

Who plays Castel Fieto?

“Queen of the South” Bienvenidos a Nueva Orleans (TV Episode 2019) – Martha Higareda as Castel Fieto – IMDb.

Who voices Topaz Steven Universe?

Topaz (voiced by Martha Higareda) is a fusion of two Topazes, acting as Aquamarine’s enforcer, who imprisons captured humans by fusing around them.

What does DHF mean in Altered Carbon?

Inside is pure human mind, coded and stored as DHF: Digital Human Freight. Your consciousness can be downloaded into any stack, in any sleeve. You can even needlecast in minutes to a sleeve anywhere in the Settled Worlds.