How do you translate military terms?

Combat = hazardous or challenging environments. Tank = operational vehicle. Reconnaissance = data collection. Mission = project, task, goal, objective. Subordinate = employee, team member. Squadron / Platoon = team. Company = department, area, section.

What is a military skills translator?

The Military Skills Translator matches a veteran’s military occupation code (MOS, AFSC, and Rating), sub-specialties and other professional military skills to civilian job opportunities.

How do I translate a military job to a civilian?

Focus less on jargon and more on transferable skills. Take inventory of your abilities. Create a LinkedIn profile. Simplify all of the training. Consider a professional resume rewrite. Take advantage of the organizations that exist to help you.

How do you list Army MOS on resume?

If you have military experience relevant to the job you want, you should list it in your resume’s work experience section. Treat your military service the same as any other professional work experience by listing it chronologically and adding your dates of service and positions held.