What happened to million dollar listings Los Angeles?

What happened to million dollar listings Los Angeles?

Back in April, James Harris and David Parnes confirmed they were saying goodbye to the show. “After [seven] amazing seasons spanning over [nine] years, we feel the time has come to move on and leave the show which, in many ways, has defined us,” the agents said in a joint statement at the time.

What is the current season of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles?

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles is back for Season 14 on Thursday, December 8, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Is Million Dollar Listings la Real?

The ‘Million Dollar Listing’ deals are real – which is why filming takes so long. A typical real estate deal can drag on for months, so filming the show can go for almost a year when you throw in cameras and client consent. “We usually film for about a year,” Hildebrand said of the time when he was on the series.

Was Million Dollar Listing LA Cancelled?

‘Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles’ will return for Season 14. Though MDLNY will not be moving forward with a tenth season at this time, the original Million Dollar Listing series will return for Season 14.