Where did Millyz grow up?

Miles Hadley, known professionally as Millyz, was born in Boston and grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He attended Charlestown High School, which is part of the Boston Public Schools.

Where did drapht grow up?

1982–2002: Early life. Drapht grew up in North Perth, Western Australia, a suburb of Perth. His father, Gary Ridge, a jazz drummer introduced Drapht to music from a very young age—he first experienced hip hop at the age of eight.

Where did Lakeyah grow up?

Lakeyah Danaee Robinson (born February 28, 2001), known mononymously as Lakeyah, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and model . Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she began rapping at the age of 15. At 18, she moved to Atlanta and was signed to Quality Control Music.

Where did Noizy grow up?

He was raised in the Woolwich neighborhood of Southeast London and subsequently developed an interest in boxing and street fighting.

How old is Sprite Thai rapper?

Sprite is a 15-year-old rapper, quickly on the rise in Thailand and beyond.

When was a Milli released?

A Milli