Where is Milton biggham?

The Reverend Milton Biggham, pastor of Mt. Vernon Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey, has been a force in gospel music for forty years, including as a music producer at Savoy Records.

Who founded the Georgia Mass Choir?

The ensemble, which numbers 150 members, was founded in 1983 by Rev. Milton Biggham, the lead vocalist and songwriter for the group. He put together the group from over 600 applicants, and recorded with them on his label Savoy Records in the middle of the decade.

Who is the leader of the choir?

Choirs are often led by a conductor or choirmaster.

Is the Georgia Mass Choir still together?

While a Gospel Choir has existed before in Georgia Southern history, it has been disbanded until this year. It was rechartered by Amare McJolly in Fall of 2021.