Who is the youngest member of 17?

Who is the youngest member of 17?

Wonwoo – 23 years old. Woozi – 23 years old. DK – 22 years old. Mingyu – 22 years old. The8 – 22 years old. Seungkwan – 21 years old. Vernon – 21 years old. Dino – 20 years old.

Is Eunwoo and Mingyu cousins?

Seventeen’s Mingyu and Astro’s Eunwoo are real cousins, they said it sometimes that they are related.

Why are they called Seventeen but only 13 members?

The name Seventeen is derived from the expression “13 members + 3 units + 1 group”, representing how the 13 members divided into three different units come together to form one cohesive group.

Why is The8 called The8?

Ahead of the boy band’s official debut in May, 2015, Minghao decided on using the stage name The8, the reason being that the number eight is lucky in Chinese culture and if you turn an “8” on its side it represents an infinity symbol.