Who plays Miss Safin in Shadow and Bone?

Who plays Miss Safin in Shadow and Bone?

Daisy May Head (born 7 March 1991) is an English actress. She played Grace in the American drama series Guilt, Amy Stevenson in BBC One’s drama The Syndicate, Kate Bottomley in the third season of Hulu series Harlots and Genya Safin in the Netflix show Shadow and Bone.

What happens to Genya Safin?

She escapes with the others after The Darkling’s attack and stays with them until Alina, Malyen Oretsev, Zoya Nazyalensky, Harshaw, and Tolya Yul-Bataar go to search for the Firebird. She goes with the other group. At the end of the book, Genya, Zoya, and David become the Grisha Triumvirate.

Was Zoya in love with the darkling?

Zoya was initially infatuated with the Darkling. Upon Alina’s arrival at the Little Palace, Zoya instantly hates her for becoming the Darkling’s new favorite, and expresses her jealousy by cheating during a duel and injuring Alina.

What did Genya do in Shadow and Bone?

This article is about the character in Shadow and Bone (TV series). For the book character, see Genya Safin. Genya Safin is a Tailor for the Queen of Ravka who was tasked with spying on Alina Starkov and poisoning the King.