How did Michael Myers know Laurie was his sister?

How did Michael Myers know Laurie was his sister

In regards to whether or not Michael finding out that Laurie was his half-sister was the best part of Halloween II, I don’t know if anyone else has thought about this but I would be curious to hear others’ opinions. It seems like such an obvious thing to happen, yet so unlikely given everything that happened before that point. But then again, maybe Michael had been keeping tabs on Laurie since their first meeting because he suspected something was going on between them. And when he finally did find out, he couldn’t believe it! He didn’t even want to see the evidence right away; instead, he wanted to wait until after Halloween night to confront her. So yeah, I guess it could’ve gone either way.

Why does Michael Myers follow Laurie Strode?

It is due to the following reasons:

1) he stalked her because she was the only person who survived after witnessing his mother being killed.

1) Because he has been coming here for years. she was trespassing

2) She was the character who most resembled Judith.

4) If you watch the TV show “Halloween” (1978), Michael Myers meets Laurie Strode for the first time at Halloween night in 1978.

In Halloween 2 (1981), Michael Myers’ mother was killed by him when she tried to stop him from killing his younger brother; however, in the original 1978 movie, Laurie Strode had been adopted by Dr. Loomis after her parents were murdered by Michael.

Insofar as Myers’ psychology is concerned, it was based on his having stabbed teenage girls like his sister and Laurie & his friends were the same age as his younger sister and this reminded him of the Halloween crimes that he had committed when he was just 6 years old.

We don’t know for sure if He has chosen 3 innocent victims whom he doesn’t even know personally and killed them without any reason whatsoever.

Why did Laurie Strode leave Jamie?

In the first film, Laurie leaves Jamie after he is bitten by a vampire. In the second movie, she comes back to kill him because he’s become a monster and she doesn’t want to be around someone who might turn her into one too.

How could Laurie have survived if she didn’t know how to fight?

In the original Halloween, Laurie fights off Michael with a baseball bat. She also uses a fireplace poker to stab him in the chest. In the sequel, she knows how to fight but chooses not to use it. Her reason for this is that she wants to see her son again.

What happened to the rest of the people from Haddonfield?

The townspeople are all dead or missing. They were killed when they tried to stop Michael from killing Annie Brackett (who had been turned into a vampire).

Who was the boy in the mask?

The boy in the mask is Billy Loomis, Laurie’s younger brother. He was born on October 31st, which is the same day as Michael. When he was young, he saw his mother being murdered by their uncle, Dr. Sam Loomis. This caused him to grow up believing that Michael was real.

When Laurie returns home after escaping from the hospital, she finds Billy waiting for her. He tells her that Michael is still alive and that he will find her.

Is Michael Myers really an alien?

According to legend, Michael Myers is an extraterrestrial. His father was an alien named John Doe. When he was growing up, John Doe taught Michael to hate humans. Eventually, he became obsessed with finding and killing them.

Why does Michael wear a white suit?

According to the book Halloween: From Dream To Film, Michael wears a white suit because it makes him look like a ghost. The suit was designed by John Carpenter himself.

Does Michael Myers ever age?

No. According to the books, he never ages.

Why does Michael Myers not speak?

Michael Myers is a character in the Halloween franchise. He’s also one of the most iconic horror movie characters ever created, and he has been portrayed by many different actors over the years: Donald Pleasence, Danny McBride, Nick Castle, Tom Atkins, Tony Moran, Courtney Cox, and even Kane Hodder. But despite all these different interpretations, one thing remains constant throughout all of the movies: Michael Myers has never spoken a word.

This is because Michael Myers is mute. He doesn’t talk because he grew up hearing voices telling him to kill. These voices told him that if he didn’t kill, he’d be punished. He believes that the only way to escape punishment is to stay silent.

Why does Michael Myers wear a mask?

The original idea for the mask came from screenwriter Debra Hill. She wanted the killer to appear as a normal person so that audiences wouldn’t feel threatened by him. However, she later changed her mind and decided that a mask would make the character more frightening.

Why does Michael always carry around a butcher knife?

The knife belongs to Michael. It’s part of his costume.

Where did Michael go to school?

In the original Halloween (1978), Michael went to high school. However, in every other Halloween film, he goes to college.

In the first two films, Michael attended Haddonfield Community College. In the third film, he attends Riverside Community College.

In the fourth film, he attends University of Maryland.