Is Cedar Rapids a funny movie?

In “Cedar Rapids,” a sweet comedy with a dirty mind, it is a metropolis, a sinkhole of sex, sin and high living at an annual insurance industry convention. Into this pit of depravity descends the innocent and naive Tim Lippe (Ed Helms), who never before has left his hometown of Brown Valley, Wis.

Is the movie Cedar Rapids based in Iowa?

The movie is set in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but film production moved to Ann Arbor as a stand in for the Iowa city because of the end of tax incentives for movie production in Iowa.

Is Cedar Rapids a good movie?

This is a well-made, imperfect kind of movie, containing a lot of laughs and heart despite its weaknesses. Cedar Rapids gains points for mixing up its very, very rude comedy with a real sense of purpose.

Was the movie Cedar Rapids filmed in Cedar Rapids Iowa?

The failure of an Iowa film production tax credit reportedly is the reason that the film was shot in Ann Arbor, Michigan, rather than on location in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, itself.

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What hotel did they film Cedar Rapids?

The Clarion Hotel on Jackson Road hosted filming for the Hollywood movie “Cedar Rapids” this week. Clearly, the film’s cast and crew had staged a friendly but complete takeover of the facilities, making the hotel into a temporary production studio.

What hotel was the movie Cedar Rapids filmed at?

Making of the Cedar Rapids Movie. Filmed in our Hotel.