Is Rio based on a true story?

The film was based on a true story of a Spix’s macaw named Elvis, living in the United States. His owner agreed to let Elvis join the captive breeding program to help preserve his species.

Who plays the birds in Rio?

Jesse Eisenberg as Blu, a male Spix’s macaw who was born in Rio de Janeiro but raised in Moose Lake, Minnesota, after he was smuggled. Anne Hathaway as Jewel, a female Spix’s macaw from the Amazon Jungle, but was taken into Rio de Janeiro. as Pedro, a red-crested cardinal who is Nico’s best friend.

What is the main message of Rio?

Rio is a movie that most children will probably enjoy. Children under 6 could be disturbed by scenes with violence or threats to people and animals. The main message from this movie is the importance of being loyal and never giving up when you love someone or something.

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Who is the villain in Rio?

Nigel, also sometimes known as Nigel the Cockatoo, is the main antagonist of Blue Sky’s Rio franchise.

What happens at the end of Rio?

Nigel and Gabi are sent to Rio to be studied. Charlie ditches them. Blu decides to stay in the Amazon with Jewel and his family, but they agree to visit Rio during the summer. The film ends with the animals putting on Nico and Pedro’s Carnival show, with Carla joining in the celebration.