Is the incantation movie real?

Incantation opens with “Based on a True Story,” and most have guessed its inspiration comes from an ominous incident that took place in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. In 2005, a family there claimed to be possessed by demons, performing disturbing ritual acts and killing their two daughters.

How scary is Incantation movie?

Incantation does not rely on any of those typical horror movie factors, so it’s not really “scary” in the traditional sense. Instead, Ko manages to terrify us using suspense and dread, built on the intimacy and psychological terror of the heroine.

Is Incantation movie safe to watch?

Parents need to know that Incantation is a 2022 Taiwanese supernatural horror movie in which a woman must save herself and her daughter from a religious curse she unleashed six years ago. Expect horror movie violence, including constant creepy visuals and close-ups of bloody imagery.

What is the ending of Incantation?

After six years of therapy, Ronan’s life improved, and she is deemed fit to care for Dodo. As a result, she gains temporary custody of Dodo. Ronan picks her daughter from the foster home run by Ming and his assistant Mrs. Hsia.

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What was inside the tunnel in Incantation?

There was a severed head of a pig and other things that pointed out the fact that some ritual had been performed there. The same incantation that the people were chanting was inscribed on the tunnel door. Yuan entered the tunnel and convinced Dom to accompany him. Ronan stayed outside.

Has anyone been cursed after watching Incantation?

Rest assured though that the movie itself isn’t real, and all the found footage is completely fake, so nothing bad will happen if you watch it. So, if you’re feeling brave, you can watch Incantation on Netflix right now.