What age is r?

Restricted: R – Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian. Contains some adult material. Parents are urged to learn more about the film before taking their young children with them.

Is Scary Movie 1 Inappropriate?

Scary Movie is rated R by the MPAA for strong crude sexual humor, language, drug use and violence. Contains: Strong crude sexual humor, coarse language, drug use, violence and nudity.

What is the best horror movie for 13 year olds?

Hocus Pocus 2
  • The Monster Squad (1987)
  • Goosebumps (2015)
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
  • The House with a Clock in Its Walls (2018) Product Price.
  • The Sixth Sense (1999) Product Price.
  • Tweens Coraline (2009) Product Price.
  • The Others (2001) Product Price.
  • Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019) Product Price.

What is the least scary movie?

Movie Title

According to the research, the least scary film is Prom Night.

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Should a 12 year old watch it?

Great film, but not for kids under 13

I recommend this film to everyone who loves slightly disturbing films and TV shows like me but for anyone under the age of 13 you really should not watch it. It’s very gory and contains adult language.

What is the most kid friendly horror movie?

  1. Monsters, Inc. (2001)
  2. Coraline (2009) Best for: Big Kids.
  3. The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (1950)
  4. Monster House (2006) Best for: Little Kids and Big Kids.
  5. Hocus Pocus (1993) Best for: Little Kids and Big Kids.
  6. Labyrinth (1986) Best for: Big Kids.
  7. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
  8. Frankenweenie (2012)