What does B rated mean?

B’ ratings indicate that material default risk is present, but a limited margin of safety remains. Financial commitments are currently being met; however, capacity for continued payment is vulnerable to deterioration in the business and economic environment.

What does Rated K mean?

Age ratings

K: Content suitable for most ages, usually those aged five and older. It should be free of coarse language, violence, and adult themes. Equivalent to G. K+: Some content may not be suitable for young children, usually those below nine years of age.

What is rated A mean?

He called for an A (adults only) rating, to indicate films high in violence or mature content that should not be marketed to teenagers, but do not have NC-17 levels of sex.

What does C rating mean in movies?

C : Children. Age Restrictions. Min Recommend Age: N.A. Min Allowed Age (Supervised):

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What is S rated movie?

The Big ‘S’ – Stands for ‘Restricted to special classes‘, which means only a certain members of the society, such as doctors, scientists, etc, are permitted to watch the film. Source: Factly/ YouTube.

What is B rated movie?

Definition of B movie

: a cheaply produced motion picture.