What is the meaning behind the movie the platform?

Through its metaphor, the film argues that there is more than enough money, food and resources to go around, but overconsumption inevitably leads to inequality, and the wealthy are not inclined (or incentivized) to share.

Why are there 333 levels in the platform?

The last level is 333. According to numerology, 333 signifies answered prayers, a message from a guardian angel, or an ascended master. The protagonist is named Goreng; goreng means “fried” in Indonesian/Malay, giving even further clues into where he is: in hell.

What did the ending mean in the platform?

They had planned to send the panna cotta back up, but the child is hungry, so they take pity on her and let her eat. She becomes the message: an innocent who was able to survive on the lowest level due to the kindness of others.

Is the platform disturbing?

There are many disturbing scenes, including moments of attempted cannibalism, actual cannibalism, a pet dog found disemboweled and half-eaten, a woman defecating into the face of a man trying to climb up to her floor, a man urinating on people on the lower levels of the prison, attempted rape, violent stabbing deaths,

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Is The Platform worth watching?

Very twisted and gory, but really leaves you thinking about social hierarchy! Great review, perfect 5/7. It’s an older reference, but it checks out. Someone made a post about it yesterday so I watched based on that and I loved it.

How scary is The Platform movie?

Netflix’s latest horror film The Platform is seriously messed up, frightening and holds a big message for society. Netflix dropped the award winning film last week and it’s all anyone can talk about. Based in a prison with a tier ranking system the horror movie is very intense and not for those easily scared.