Why Does Michael Myers Want to kill Laurie in HALLOWEEN?

why does michael myers want to kill laurie

Michael Myers has been terrorizing moviegoers since 1978. He was once played by John Carpenter, who also directed Halloween. The character has appeared in four sequels, two remakes, and countless other movies.

Michael Myers is a fictional serial killer from the slasher film series created by John Carpenter. His story began in 1978 with the release of the original Halloween. In the film, he murders his sister, Judith, and her boyfriend, Tommy Doyle, before being stopped by Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis).

Laurie Strode survived the attack and vowed revenge against Michael Myers. She would later return to Haddonfield, Illinois, where she grew up, to hunt down the masked man.

In addition to the films, there have been numerous video games based on the characters, comics, novels, and more.

4 Reasons Why Michael Myers kill His Sister?

1) He wants his mother back (Halloween I) (Michael Myers wanted to kill his mother because she was too weak to defend herself against him).

2) He wants revenge on Dr. Loomis (Halloween II) (Michael Myers wanted revenge on Dr. Loomis because Dr. Loomis has traumatized him).

3) He wants justice for Michael’s late parents (Halloween III and Haddonfield Chronicle).

4) He wants to bring back his own ‘haunted house’ (Halloween IV).

Michael’s sister was a sweet young girl who liked to play in her room with dolls and stuffed animals. She would get so excited when Michael walked into the house, as he always made sure to bring home toys for his little sibling every time he went out.

The two of them grew up playing together in their neighbourhood; they would ride their bikes and play with the other children.

But as they got older, things started to change. Michael became more and more withdrawn, and his sister could sense that something was wrong. He refused to talk about what was bothering him, but she knew he was troubled.

One day, while their parents were out of town, Michael came into her room with a kitchen knife and killed her. He then put her body into a closet and left the house to go out for dinner with his friends. When he returned home, he asked their parents if they had seen his sister – They told him that she was at Grandma’s house which made Michael furious because it wasn’t true; but they didn’t know any better.

Michael Myers

Michael Myers (Michael Chiklis) may be a psycho killer, but this is a story about a good guy. Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is just another student in the neighborhood who has to watch out for herself.

I have always wondered why Laurie was so vigilant in keeping her family safe and was so paranoid about Michael’s (Michael Chiklis) presence in the neighborhood. Why did she think that Michael would be able to kill her too? So I decided to do some research on this topic.

The first thing that I realized is that Laurie’s parents were extremely cautious when it came to their children, especially their daughter Jamie Lee Curtis’ children. The reason behind this is because of the fact that Laurie’s mother (Linda Strode) had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and became very withdrawn from her family, especially her daughter Jamie Lee Curtis’.

Also, Linda loved Michael Myers. She trusted him enough to let him stay at their house whenever he wanted to and even let him sleep with their daughter Jamie Lee Curtis.”

What more could you ask for than an intense love/hate relationship with your own flesh and blood? This was something unique for a mother/son relationship and something that most mothers would not tolerate from their daughters. But then again, it worked out well for Laurie as well as Jamie Lee Curtis’ character and I think it could be reasonable for me too if I had a daughter or son like them or any other woman who finds herself plagued by these kind of issues!

I’m very curious why Michael Myers wants to kill Laurie Strode in the Halloween movies? Well, there are many theories regarding this topic but we will discuss one of them first:

Mystery Man Also known as: The man behind the mask: Michael Myers is actually a “mystery man” known by various names such as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde or simply Dr Jekyll . He has been described as being “a psychopathic evil twin” of psychiatrist David Robert Jones , who devised numerous psychosomatic operations including hypnosis , hypnotism , subliminal broadcasting , remote viewing , biofeedback science , psychic mediumship , body control devices , mind control or mind reading machines . In addition to all of these capabilities Dr Jekyll was also the creator of all types of hypnotic devices . Most notably he invented the mechanical hypnopaedia machine which was essentially an instrument used by both David Robert Jones himself and his Hypnotist friend Dr.

Laurie Anne Haddon

Laurie Anne Haddon is a character in the Halloween franchise of horror films. She first appeared in the 1981 film, Halloween (1981), portraying the daughter of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode, and was portrayed by Laurie Strode’s real-life daughter Jamie Lee Curtis.

In Halloween II (1985) she played Laurie Strode’s granddaughter, Kate Myers. It is revealed that she is Michael’s girlfriend at some point in the film, and once had two children with him before he murdered her and her husband. In later movies Michael has grown to respect Laurie as a strong woman who doesn’t let him take over their lives.

In Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988) she plays Laurie Strode’s granddaughter again, this time Kate Myers. She helps her grandfather escape his killing spree and reunites with her mother in New Hampshire, but they soon separate again when Laurie returns to Los Angeles to help save her father from imprisonment after being falsely accused of murder.

In Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989) she returns to play a younger version of the character although it is not fully explained why or how she came back into contact with Mikey. She helps him stop his rampage and reunites with her estranged mother Carol in New Hampshire after he has killed Carol’s new husband Paul Verratt during his attack on Dr Fred Jones’ house where they were living together as a family unit for some time before their separation.