Why does Michael Myers wear a mask?

how to draw michael myers

The mask is a defining feature of the Michael Myers character. But why does he wear it? There are many different theories:

  1. To hide his emotionless face – The original Halloween film suggests that Michael’s facial expression never changes, even when killing people. His lack of emotional reaction to murder might explain why he wears a mask in public (to conceal this disinterest). He could also be afraid if someone saw him without his mask on and realised what he was capable of.

2.  To scare others away – If you think about it, an unmasked Michael walking around town would probably cause quite a stir! So perhaps the reason for wearing the white skull-like mask is so no one approaches him or tries to talk to him. This means he can quietly roam the streets and pick off victims without notice.

3. To hide his scarred face – Whatever happened to Michael when he was young, it caused some serious cuts on his face that required stitches at one point. It is likely these wounds still remain after all those years. The only way for him to conceal them would be by wearing a mask (to keep other people from noticing). Perhaps even more sinisterly… He wears it because he enjoys scaring others!

How to Draw Michael Myers?

Michael Myers is one of the most iconic horror characters in history. The white mask, blue boiler suit and terrifying knife he wields have been seared into our minds since 1978. Here’s a step-by-step guide to drawing Michael Myers from the original Halloween film!

Step One: Draw a basic outline of Michael Myers‘ body. He’s quite thin, so don’t make him too bulky.

Step Two: Add in the details of his mask, including the eyeholes and the mouth slit.

Step Three: Sketch in the outline of his blue boiler suit.

Step Four: Draw in the details of his knife, including the serrated edge.

Step Five: Add shading and highlights to your drawing to give it a realistic look.

And there you have it! You’ve successfully drawn Michael Myers from Halloween. Now put him up on your wall and watch him scare all your friends!

Why Doesn’t Michael Myers Die?

Michael Myers is one of the most resilient horror movie killers in history. This can be attributed to a number of factors:

He has superhuman strength – Michael’s body must have increased muscle mass and stamina due to all that physical labour he does (such as tree pruning). His physique also means he wields his knife with great force when killing people, often impaling victims through their skull! He uses this immense power so effectively it makes him almost unstoppable. The ‘Halloween’ series contains several scenes where onlookers are shocked at how powerful Michael seems despite being just an old man in his sixties! He possesses supernatural abilities – In Halloween H20, Dr Sam Loomis suggests there may be some form of “evil” inside Michael that allows him to survive injuries that would kill any other person. For instance, when Jamie Lloyd (Michael’s niece) stabs him in the stomach with a kitchen knife, he doesn’t die and instead escapes. This “evil” force could be what makes him so hard to kill. He never gets tired – Unlike other horror movie killers who eventually run out of steam (or get killed), Michael Myers is relentless and keeps going until his target is dead. Even after being shot multiple times, he still manages to crawl away and continue his pursuit.

This combination of factors means Michael Myers has one of the highest body counts in horror movie history!

So far all I know is that Michael Myers only dies in the alternate ending to John Carpenter’s “Halloween II”. The producers wanted a sequel and they thought it was their right as owners of the character. They had nothing else planned, so they just continued with what would have happened if Dr. Loomis hadn’t shot Michael in his heart back on October 31st 1979… did you notice how there wasn’t even one mention of this event until years later? That means that everyone involved at some level knew it didn’t happen (even though its written into an official Hitchock/Carpenter script). They never reference any wound on him again – except when he gets hit by a truck, but that’s not really important here….

ANYWAY, to answer the question – Michael Myers doesn’t die because he’s not a real person. He’s an idea, a boogeyman, something that lives in our collective fear. That’s why he can come back again and again – because we never really kill him. We just forget about him for a while until he pops up again to remind us that he’s still there waiting in the dark.