Is Nessa and Josh friends?

Is Nessa and Josh friends?

Josh addressed questions about their relationship during an interview with E! News. “Me and Nessa are really good friends. We were friends before we started dating and everything like that so we kind of promised each other at the start that we were going to do everything we could to not lose that,” he said at the time.

What is Jackson Mahomes TikTok name?

TikTok/Twitter: Jacksonmahomes. Snapchat: Jacksonmahomes5 203 posts. 247K followers.

How many followers on TikTok does Jackson Mahomes have?

Jackson Mahomes, 21 is the younger brother of Cheif’s quarterback Patrick Mahomes. He was born on May 15, 2000, and currently showcases his life on his Instagram account. He is also a Tiktok star with over 3.5 million followers.

How did Nessa and Josh meet?

Josh and Nessa met on TikTok. As the Sway House member told Seventeen, he messaged her on a whim after having stumbled upon her profile via the TikTok For You page by accident. They started dating shortly afterward.

Why is Mads mad at Nessa?

However, fans thought she may have been throwing subtle shade toward TikToker Mads Lewis due to some drama stemming from a year ago. A quick rundown: Nessa and Mads were decidedly not on good terms with each other after Nessa started dating Jaden Hossler, Mads’ ex, in early 2021.

What happened between Nessa and Josh?

The drama ramped up even further when Hossler and Nessa Barrett went public with their relationship — a turn that also hurt TikToker Josh Richards, who had been dating Nessa at the time and has since claimed that Nessa cheated on him with Hossler. It appears that their relationship was not to last.