Is Ryan Hurst A singer?

Is Ryan Hurst A singer?

Hurst recorded music as Beta As he told Insider, “It was one of those sort of like actor’s nightmare situations,” as he wasn’t all that sure he could sing. On top of his shaky confidence, Hurst was also told that he’d only have three days to nail down his tracks. Hurst ended up recording two songs.

Are Ryan Hurst and Charlie Hunnam friends?

Charlie Hunnam is still friends with Hurst Although Hunnam has been busy promoting his latest movie, Triple Frontier, the actor still makes time for his good friend and former co-star, Ryan Hurst.

What is Ryan Hurst doing now?

Fans of The Walking Dead know him as the terrifying Beta who was second in command of the Whisperers. Next, Hurst will play a character named Milligan in the Disney+ series The Mysterious Benedict Society. Today, June 25, is the two-episode premiere of the series on Disney+.

Does Beta show his face?

While mourning the death of his Whisperer leader, Beta visited a hotel full of guitars and vinyl. One of the albums showed his face on them next to the words “Half Moon.” It turns out Beta was a country singer.