Who is Selby Marvel?

Who is Selby Marvel?

Selby was the owner of the Brass Monkey Saloon nightclub and a high-ranking criminal leader in Madripoor. She was met by Baron Zemo seeking information about a reproduced Super Soldier Serum. However, after she discovered Zemo’s accomplice Smiling Tiger was an impostor, Selby was assassinated by Sharon Carter.

Is Madripoor in the MCU?

Madripoor has made several appearances in Marvel-related media, such as the Marvel Anime franchise and the Marvel Cinematic Universe / Disney+ series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (2021).

Is Madripoor a real place?

First: Is Madripoor Real? Sadly, just like several other MCU settings like Wakanda or New Asgard, Madripoor is not a real life place, although you could easily see similarities between it and Singapore, right down to the “poor/pore” in their names.

Who Is Shelby in Falcon and Winter Soldier?

“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” Power Broker (TV Episode 2021) – Imelda Corcoran as Selby – IMDb.

Is Agent Mobius Loki?

Mobius was Loki’s liaison with the TVA and the agent who recruited him to help apprehend another variant of Loki. Played by Owen Wilson, the MCU character is the spitting image of the comic book version, down to his charming mustache.

Is Mephisto related to Scarlet Witch?

In the comics, Scarlet Witch uses Mephisto’s soul to create her two children, which were featured in the MCU for the first time in “WandaVision.” It looked like the children were gone, but the second end-credits scene of the show’s finale revealed that they are still alive.