How to join a non-dedicated server in Ark?

non dedicated server

Many people join a non-dedicated server in “Ark” and wonder how to join. It is actually quite easy, and we will teach you how to do so in this blog post!

There are many reasons why you might want to join a non-dedicated server: the best one is that it allows for more players on your map at once, which can be really fun when there’s lots of action going on. However, joining one does come with some drawbacks. Non-dedicated servers have less structure than dedicated ones since they’re usually run by individual moderators who control various aspects such as PVP rules or tribe ownership.

Here is the 1st Method to Join a non-dedicated server in Ark:

How to Join a non-dedicated server in Ark?

1. Find a server to join
2. Search for the game’s IP address, which can be found on the servers list or by looking at the server name
3. Open up Steam and click on “Play Game”
4. Click “Join Server” in the lower right corner of your screen
5. Enter this IP address to find your desired server – http://ark-servers-list/search/?server=&title=ARK%20Survival%20Evolved&gameid=372750&minping=10&maxping=-400000
6. Select an empty slot to join that particular server – For example, Slot 1 is available now! Press enter when you are ready to start playing!

2nd Method:

1. Find a server that is not full: this can be done by clicking on the “Filter” button on the server browser and selecting “Non-Dedicated”.

2. Click on the green “Play” button: this will take you to the server list. You can sort servers by name, player count or tribe count (players and tribes) in descending order.

3. If you are joining with friends, make sure to create a party before joining or invite your friends once you join. you can create a party by clicking on the “Party” button in your inventory and invite friends from there.

4. You can find servers by looking at the list of non-dedicated servers in “Ark”‘s main menu and selecting one

5. Once inside, you will be able to see a list of players currently playing on this server and their names as well as those who have been recently killed

6. Select any player from this list and click “Join” to start playing with them!