Is Sheryl Crow still married?

Is Sheryl Crow still married?

While the 60-year-old rocker has had a few notable and high-profile relationships over the years, she’s currently single. Crow has always wanted to be a mother and when men failed her, she decided to start her family as a single mother.

Who was Sheryl Crow’s ex husband?

Relationships and family Crow began dating cyclist Lance Armstrong in 2003. The couple announced their engagement in September 2005, but jointly announced they had split on February 3, 2006.

Where is Sheryl Crow today?

After living in Los Angeles, California, for around 20 years, Crow settled in Tennessee, where she’s since built a music studio above a horse stable. “It’s idyllic, I have to say,” she said. In the documentary, “Sheryl,” she reflects on her decades-long career as well as her mental health and life lessons.