Are Stan and Lisa still together?

Despite their happy ending on the show, Lisa confirmed that the on-again-off-again couple are officially off.

Who is Stan from Love After Lockup dating now?

Getting back to Stan — congratulations to him and Peggy! I look forward to more positive updates! If you’re curious how long Peggy and Stan have been dating, it looks to be a little more than two months. Peggy shared a gallery of photos on August 28th that only featured herself.

What did Lisa from Love After Lockup do?

She pleaded guilty to multiple probation violations on May 6…” starcasm_ig #LoveAfterLockup Stan’s ex Lisa is currently back in prison in Missouri. She pleaded guilty to multiple probation… xtina143_l.

Is Stan on Love After Lockup A millionaire?

younger prison bae, Lisa, who is about to get. released. #LoveAfterLockup.