How are Chris Weidman and Stephen Thompson related?

How are Chris Weidman and Stephen Thompson related?

Personal life. Thompson’s sister is married to Carlos Machado and Thompson’s brother, Tony, is married to Chris Weidman’s sister.

How did Stephen Thompson get his nickname?

Like Pettis, Thompson started martial arts at a young age. His nickname “Wonderboy” stuck after taking down an undefeated fighter almost 10 years his senior. “I was 15 years old when I had my first fight.

Why did Weidman break leg?

Weidman broke his right leg almost one year ago at UFC 261 in April when the first leg kick he threw was checked by his opponent Uriah Hall. The check caused his fibula to snap, and many questioned if the 37-year-old former middleweight champion should consider hanging it up after such a horrible injury.

What surgery did Chris Weidman have?

According to Weidman, the surgery was initially expected to repair a butterfly fracture on his tibia bone and then place another rod into his leg to secure the fibula so the bone would reconnect and heal properly.