What did Terry from Botched do to his face?

What did Terry from Botched do to his face?

Terry Dubrow openly gets fillers put into his face. In fact, in an episode of the E! reality show, Botched, Terry got fillers injected in his face. In the episode, Terry explains that fillers are a way to help look a bit younger.

Do people on Botched pay for their procedures?

Moreover, since the surgery expenses are covered by the show, the patients are desperate to get their dodgy cosmetic procedures fixed by the doctors, “The patients on Botched get an appearance fee, and their costs are handled by the show,” Dubrow said in an interview to Distractify.

Is Terry Dubrow a billionaire?

Along with becoming famous for his incredibly successful transformations, Dr. Terry Dubrow has appeared on a number of reality television shows, and has acquired an enormous net worth of $50 million along the way. He holds the distinction of being the 3rd highest paid plastic surgeon in the entire world.