When did Tevas start?

The original sport sandal emerged from the shores of the Grand Canyon back in 1984. Born out of necessity to prevent sandals from floating downstream, a resourceful river guide strapped two Velcro watchbands to a pair of old flip-flops. And just like that, Teva was born.

What is Teva shoes known for?

The Teva velcro sandal, famous for fast drying, has clearly come a long way since its river rafting days. Story has it, the shoes were originally made by a river rafting guide who didn’t want his flip-flops flying off his feet, and now, decades later, the sandals are flying down the runway.

Are Tevas still in?

While they’re not wrong, Tevas are back — and they’re more stylish than ever. In fact, the comfortable sport sandal, which has always been adored among adolescent camp-goers everywhere, has officially made a comeback among the fashion crowd too.

Who invented Tevas?

Teva was founded by Mark Thatcher in 1982, Mark was a river guide in the Grand Canyon, he noticed through his work that there was a gap in the market for proper shoes that were also suitable for water activities. He found casual trainers would become heavy when wet and flip flops would fall off.