Who was the mean girl on The Bachelor?

Who was the mean girl on The Bachelor?

“Holly was one of the mean girls. No one talked to Holly, because the girls never got along with her in the mansion,” the insider claimed to Daily Mail. The source said all the contestants had a least one other girl they were close with, but Holly allegedly had “no one”.

How far does Cassidy get in The Bachelor?

What happens to Cassidy on The Bachelor 2022? Cassidy was eliminated before the second Rose Ceremony of The Bachelor season 26.

Who did Jessenia have beef with on The Bachelor?

But Week 5 of Matt James’ season, that all changed when Jessenia Cruz’s confrontation with MJ Snyder turned The Bachelor into an episode of The Office by breaking the fourth wall and (hopefully) earning her a spot on Bachelor in Paradise.

Who was the first black woman on The Bachelor?

She was the first African-American lead in the Bachelor franchise. Lindsay is married to the winner of her Bachelorette season, chiropractor Bryan Abasolo. She is a correspondent for Extra as well as a co-host of the Higher Learning podcast alongside Van Lathan on The Ringer platform.